Monday, June 12, 2006

A terrible thing

Asia Carrera was an actress in adult films. Some of you may know, and like, her work. Many years ago, she started her own web site, writing the HTML code herself, and setting up an on-line store years before that was common. One of the features on her site was a bulletin that she updated every week or so, sharing her experiences in the adult film world and her love of computers and video games. It was a blog long before that neologism took hold.

About 2 1/2 years ago, she met, fell in love with, and married fitness guru Don Lemmon. She retired from the adult film business. They moved to Hawaii, had their first child about a year ago, and moved to Utah. She's 8 months pregnant with their second. She's shared every step along the way, including her joy in finding a man she truly loved and having a daughter with him. As she slipped out of the public eye and into her private life, she updated her bulletin less frequently, so I checked it less frequently - maybe once every couple weeks. By some chance, I happened to check it Sunday morning.

Don was killed Sunday returning from a business trip in Las Vegas, leaving Asia an utterly distraught unemployed, pregnant mother of a toddler. My wife & I met her once, about 4 years ago, for about 3 minutes, so I have no idea whether she is as friendly as she seems on her web site, but this news devastated both of us. Neither of us have had a close experience with sudden tragedy, and this seemed especially unfair - a brutally short end to what had been a happy story.

I'm not sure how we connect with people we've never met. Asia, Ces & Carol from Drink At Work, Alice of Finslippy - the more of their personal lives they share, the more I'm invested in them, and the tighter the admittedly one-sided connection to them. What happens when those lives go awry?

Here's what I want you to do: Go to Asia's site (it may be Not Safe For Work, so take care), read her bulletin, and help. Either buy something, donate (as Sue & I have), or both. She's good people.