Monday, March 20, 2006


The weather here is miserable. Hail and rain and a bit of sunshine and more rain. Is there a better song to counter the dismal grayness than Fountains Of Wayne's "Radiation Vibe"? I think not, sirs and ma'ams. "Shine on, shine on, shine on", indeed. Hear that, sun?

I've decided to increase the scope of this blog, since I was getting bored trying to squeeze anything meaningful out of a silly habit like collecting recordings of live music. I've no idea how large that scope now is, or how often I'll post, but, hey, hope you haven't cancelled your RSS feed of me.

The latest Rogue Wave album is very good. So is the only album by Råg I Ryggen (review), great if you like early '70s hard rock, especially - but not exclusively - Uriah Heep.

Also worth hearing are Naked April, part of the Twin Songs empire. Half folk, half 2nd iteration King Crimson. The other bands on the label are of interest if you're a fan of the harder Crimson stuff or California Guitar Trio.

Oh, and the new David Gilmour seems rather dull, like "A Pillow Of Winds" for 50-60 minutes. If you want to hear him at his finest, THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON is still the best bet. Before that, the band was still a little unfocused. After that, too self-indulgent. Did "Dogs" need to be 17 minutes long? I submit that it did not.


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Oh, and the new David Gilmour seems rather dull...


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